About us

We are a family company with traditions that has been producing footwear for generations. Via Milano brand appeared on the market with a passion for Italian culture and fashion, which is the forerunner of global trends. Footwear production is our job as well as our passion. The design of each produced pair is a Polish interpretation of Italian fashion, but also world masterpieces. We guarantee our customers hand-made footwear only and exclusively from high-quality natural leather; we wish that our shoes will serve you for many, many years. We use the highest quality Italian products for manufacture. Each pair is the result of the work of several people. We try to surprise with above-average designs that are distinguished by the precision of workmanship. Thanks to the combination of passion for fashion with respect for craftsmanship, we make sure that our footwear is a male showcase for a group of brave and non-stereotypical men who value originality and uniqueness. We are an environmentally friendly company. Sustainable development is important for us, which is why some of the models are made of recycled leather!

Fashion is human’s creation, so we are always open to your suggestions and visions. We invite you to creative activities and create your own “interpretation” of the selected model.

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